15 October 2017

Well done everyone on the first round of the CSFTA HFT winter league.
The team and results pages are up now and I’ll be updating them as I get the scores in.
Please note there is now only one round in December, Basingstoke have moved theirs to April.

21 August 2017

Winter league event dates have been added to the calendar. This year we are shooting the CSFTA winter league like normal, but are hosting one round of the Hunter Rules South event.

20 June 2017

Come down and have a go at a course set out in the woods this Sunday.
Just a short 20 shot course, ideal if you haven’t shot this style of competition before.

18th March 2017

Don’t forget it’s the final round of CSFTA winter league at Black Cats (Swindon) tomorrow. PM start at 12:45 but you need to get there a bit early.

5th March 2017

CSFTA winter league Shoot at Newbury
After a start to the day promising rain, winds and more rain, it actually turned out a brilliant day. No rain, but enough wind to make the competitors curse.
The parking conditions in the field was atrocious as usual with more than a few cars needing a tow or to be manhandled around. Thanks to all who pushed, pulled and dug to get the cars in and out. Something will have to be done over the summer about it.

Many thanks to all the Newbury lot who shot and helped out with the running of the day. It couldn’t be done without you lot helping out. On to some photos of the day.

3rd February 2017

AGM night.
Thanks to those who turned up for the AGM. The club is doing well with an expanding membership. Sub will stay the same at £50 pa + £1 a visit. We are going to set up a pistol range at the side of the main range for those of you who want to have a go at that.

Please remember that the Newbury CSFTA winter league round is on the 5th March. Any help on the day for target painting, marshaling and generally helping out would be appreciated. Also any help on the day before setting out the course also gratefully received.

15th January 2017

Bisley was wet, wet, wet, and cold. Pegs 1 – 10 were in their normal plinking range and due to the constant rain, it was a total mud bath by the afternoon session. A couple of tricky standers before heading off into the slightly more sheltered woods for some more targets.
Lots of drying off rifles and kit when home.

22th December 2016

Basingstoke seems to have been a great shoot for everyone. Great scores. Keep it up for the next one. Bisley is normally a good course set in the woods. Makes rangefinding a right pain though so brush up on your bracketing over Christmas.