NARC 6 yard Pistol Competition

Hi All,

Paul Nicholls is about to run a 6 yard pistol competition which you can shoot at home or at the range, and score it yourself (inward gauging i.e. hole touches line higher score given). The competition will run from the end of January till the end of March.

To enter email  Paul asap. Cards will be provided, (NSRA 6 yard pistol) you will be able to collect these from the club range as soon as the Post Office find enough staff to deliver them (should have come today) hopefully by Monday.

The competition will be in two stages :-

Stage 1 Each shooter will shoot 10 cards, 10 shots on each for highest score..

Stage 2 Highest 4 scorers from stage 1 will go forward to a “league” stage of 2 cards of 10 shots each with 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw to find the winner.

If you want to shoot this but cannot collect cards at the range they can be posted to you if you give Paul your postal address when you email your entry to him. Paul will forward addresses to me so I can post the cards.

Good shooting